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our studio

Our mission is to guide each client toward a healthier, stronger, revitalized body and mind with the ability to move with maximum comfort, confidence, and ease, so he or she can fully engage in life.

We hope to serve as attuned guides on your wellness journey, because teaching movement is our passion!  Our instructors come from  lifelong practices of observing, analyzing, and studying the art and science of movement.  


Each session is a highly personalized, mind body experience, including contemporary Pilates, classical Pilates, GYROTONIC® method, Yamuna Body Rolling, and more.  Just as no two clients are the same, we do not offer cookbook work-outs.  


After careful assessment, each client receives a unique motivating work out program for his or her goals. Strengthening and stamina may be the focus for enhancing athletic performance.  Deep core work and rehab Pilates are key components for injury rehabilitation.  Focusing on multi-directional movement on the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, will re-energize and invigorate you after sitting long hours at the computer and in the car.

Breathe, move, explore, and discover a healthy and positive perspective of your mind and body in action.

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