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Pilates On Robertson

Because science has shown that the body-in-movement involves many systems, we integrate several movement techniques into our sessions.  Individual specific needs are addressed more completely by combining contemporary Pilates, classical Pilates,  GYROTONIC® movement, and Yamuna in the work outs.   Each modality impacts the mind/body connection with its own focus and intention.  Every special blend of techniques, allows clients to experience change in their bodies quickly and feel in control of the mind and body.    The ultimate result being improved balance, stability, and flexibility.  


Joseph Pilates created his technique out of a desire to rehabilitate wounded soldiers in World War I.   Amazingly, when in New York, his work developed as a means for dancers, acrobats, and similar performers to improve their skills.  The Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, and Wunda Chair comprise his most popular pieces of work out equipment.  Using spring resistance, Pilates created a system which emphasized core strength, joint stabilization, and sustained control of the body.  Not only is this method excellent for enhancing muscle tone, but it is also very effective for managing pain and rehabilitating injuries because Pilates balances, strengthens, and increases awareness of body control  Thus, the original name was Body Contrology.


After suffering dance injuries, Juliu Horvath, developed a movement technique to heal himself.  Based on the principles of dance, tai-chi, yoga, and swimming,  GYROTONIC® practices move a client through spirals and sways of the spine, shoulders, and hips, for an energetically complete movement experience.  Resistance on the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is created by a weight and pulley system, and handle unit which help guide the body in multidirectional, three dimensional movement.   This allows for fluidity and a natural opening and balancing of the body's musculo-skeletal, lymphatic, fascial, and nervous systems.  GYROTONIC® exercises enhance the pleasure in movement with its smooth flow and breath work.

GYROTONIC®, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and GYROKINESIS® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.


Yamuna based her work on Hatha yoga and a master understanding of massage.  The Yamuna balls create a deep pressure while rolling which creates bone stimulation, muscle release, fascial release, and scar tissue softening.  Yamuna Body Rolling is particularly helpful for releasing back tension from the base up to the head.   YBR also facilitates the release of endorphins and serotonin.   Thus, a deep relaxation often occurs as one rolls through the Yamuna routines.

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