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Mary Ann, CFO-CPA

"How's your body feeling today?"  This is the first question June, at Pilates on Robertson,  has asked me each Pilates session for over a decade.  She then caters that evening's program to help me stretch, tone, relieve pain using different tools and equipment:  GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower, Reformer, Jump Stretch Board, Wunda Chair, Elvis, Master Stretch, Yamuna Body Rolling.  Each workout is diverse.  No matter how tired I feel walking into the studio, I always feel more refreshed when I leave.  

Janice Goldhaber, MFT

Psychotherapy Specialist in Low Vision and Blindness

I started seeing June several years ago.  I was very reluctant to begin a new practice with a professional I did not know.  This new endeavor was a risk for me.  I am in my 60's, I am legally blind, and I have struggled for much of my life with learning disabilities.  From the first moment I began my work with June, she was a perfect match.  My visual confusion and my learning issues make it hard to process new activities.  She quickly understood where I had deficits.  We began exploring and educating my sensory system.  When June works with me, we are simultaneously integrating my sensorimotor system, my vision, and my physical body.  My balance and stability have improved.  My sessions with June have been life changing.

    Renee Meshul and Tom Klitzner

 We are in our late 60's and have

been sharing a weekly semi-private

      session with June for over

    7  years.  Renee had years of

       experience, but, Tom was

   new to Pilates.  It helped convince

        him to join the sessions when

   he learned that Lebron James did

                  Pilates regularly.

          June is a gifted instructor

who utilizes not only Pilates, but

     also GYROTONIC® and Yamuna

equipment to provide the stretching

  and/or strengthening tailored to

each of our musculoskeletal health.

   She is particularly helpful when

  specific problems arise, such as a

  knee injury or back pain.  June is

 always warm, encouraging, and

        upbeat.  We would highly

      recommend her to anyone! 



Lisette Rabinow-Palley, LMFT,

OTR/L, Consultant and Coach for the Neurodiverse

I began working with June after experiencing injuries from my yoga practice.  I wanted to work on my alignment and posture, as well as prevent neck and back problems caused by sitting for long hours.  June quickly understood what I needed and helped me discover the cause of  my pain.  Through the application of Pilates and GYROTONIC®, I finally feel that I am getting much-needed nourishment for my body.  June's work is prescriptive.  I have done quite a bit of body work in the past, but the work with June, at Pilates on Robertson, has helped me find the path towards the profound mindbody experience for which I have been searching.

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