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Give the Gift of Pilates this Holiday Season!

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Fusion Pilates online Workshop


























Unfreeze your shoulders and uplift your client with June Chiang

Pilates on Robertson is excited to launch our education video collaboration with Fusion Pilates EDU. 

Find out how to rehab your client's shoulders with the Pilates routines on equipment with over 2 hours of instruction. 

In this online Pilates workshop, June Chiang will present some innovative techniques that will help you to work effectively with your clients recovering from Frozen Shoulder Syndrome. 

She takes you through two unique sessions with real clients, each with a different focus, to demonstrate many creative ways you can help your  clients create more space and mobility in their shoulders.

Click Link Below To Register For Online Workshop

                Virtual Classes

We have discontinued our virtual classes.  If you are interested in taking virtual classes, please let us know and we will make every attempt to accommodate.  

The Yamuna Body Rolling classes were such a great way to stay stretched and relaxed during the shutdown.  This is a wonderful experience of rolling on the unique Yamuna balls to relieve myofascial tension, improve bone stimulation, release tight joints, and relax the mind.

If you are interested in re-creating this Zoom group class, please email at or call us at 424-250-8090, to sign up.  

The rate was $25 for a single drop-in class or $40 for a bi-monthly two class package.  Recordings can be purchased at the same rates.

What You Need:

Floor Space


Small Pillows

Pearl Yamuna Ball 


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