Meet Our Movement Specialists

June Chiang

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As a Los Angeles native, June grew up studying the sciences and loving the movement arts.  An ankle injury in 1995, led her to Pilates and GYROTONIC® movement as part of her rehabilitation.  It was the beginning of a transformative process.  She discovered a new way of moving with healthy  muscle and movement patterns.  She gained a new appreciation for the mind body connection.  Thus, Pilates and GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® became her passion!

Following her heart and intuition, June shifted her focus away from a career as a doctor of optometry and became a certified contemporary Pilates and GYROTONIC® instructor in 2000 at Long Beach Dance Conditioning and LA Body Kinetics.  Later, she integrated classical Pilates and Yamuna into her instruction.  She hopes to inspire others to become healthy, overcome injuries and pain, discover the joy of movement, and enjoy life to the fullest.   

She has had the honor of studying with several master instructors including:  Jillian Hessel, Juliu Horvath, Yamuna, Trina Altman, Mary Bond, Juergen Bumberger, Hilary Cartwright, Christina Brunk Stroh, Uwe Herbstreit, Kathy Van Patten, and more.  She continues to practice neuro-optometry at Cedars Sinai and California Rehab Institute.   Forever evolving, her learning continues so she can offer her clients new motivating experiences.

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Nicole Long

    Nicole Long, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, arrived in Los Angeles 5 years ago.  She brings with her over 10 years of movement training experience.

    First starting as a marathon runner and personal trainer, she started Pilates and GYROTONIC® movement after a serious pelvis injury.  These movement systems were so effective in developing balance in her body and she decided to become certified in Stott Pilates, GYROTONIC®, and GYROKINESIS® methods. 

    Her GYROTONIC® journey organically led to becoming a Pre-trainer under Master Trainer Juergen Baumberger.  She is also certified on all the specialized equipment, including the Knee/Leg Extension Unit, Wingmaster, and Gyrotoner.

    She has a calm teaching style which benefits all of our high functioning and high pressure clients, as well as being reassuring for her rehabilitation students.  Special population groups including, Parkinson's Disease,  Rheumatoid Arthritis, and cancer survivors all appreciate relief and progress under her care.

    When she's not in the studio, you can find Nicole bicycling in the Malibu mountains and enjoying her cats.

    Bobbi Green Headshot, Aug 10, 2018.jpeg

                         Bobbi Green

      Bobbi Green has had a lifelong interest in health and fitness.  She was introduced to Pilates in college and was immediately fascinated with a new way of exercising that challenged her both mentally and physically.  A few years later after moving to Los Angeles, she decided she wanted to pursue her passion for Pilates and make a career change from the music industry.

      Bobbi holds a certification in Power Pilates and has been teaching Pilates for over 13 years in Los Angeles.  She has spent 12 of those years teaching Pilates in a physical therapy setting.  In this environment, she works with others with many types of injuries and customizes their workouts according to their abilities and personal athletic goals.  Bobbi also enjoys and has extensive experience working with seniors and is well versed in classical Pilates.  Bobbi's goal is to help people of all ages and levels of physical fitness achieve better posture and elongated muscles, gain more energy, experience pain relief, improve flexibility and overall health.

      For fun, she spends her free time studying breath work, meditation, Qigong, and other healing modalities.