"Every Moment Of Our Life Can Be The Begining Of Great Things."  --- Joseph Pilates


    A 55 minute, one-on-one experience which is highly focused and customized to each clients needs.  Specific Pilates, GYROTONIC®, and Yamuna routines are selected according to a client's needs at every encounter.  


    The instructor provides extensive hands on cueing and correction, as well as specific modifications to either intensify or regress the movement challenges.


     Privates allow for specific strengthening and/or injury rehabilitation goals to be addressed.

    The standard rate is $95-$110/session.  Please be aware each instructor sets his/her own rates and is open to discussion.  Package rates may apply.


      A 55 minute, session with two clients working with one instructor.  The focus is on a good general workout which is appropriate for both clients.  There is slightly less detailed correction as the instructor's attention is on the general wellbeing of two clients.  

      Both clients are able to work on the Pilates Reformer, Pilates Cadillac, and/or GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® as a pair.  The instructor may separate the clients to perform exercises specific to their needs at opportune moments in the work out.

      The standard rate is $60-$65/session/client.  Again, each instructor sets his/her own rates.  Package rates may apply.


        Due to COVID-19 and LA Public Health social distancing requirements we are no longer offering group classes in our studio.

        We are currently offering a group Zoom Yamuna Body Rolling class on Fridays at 11:00am.  Yamuna Body Rolling releases myofascial tension and provides amazing stress relief by rolling on uniquely designed balls on the floor mat. This is a great method to reduce pain related to stiff joints and you will strengthen your core at the same time. 


        Experience in private or semi-private sessions is not necessary and new students can purchase Yamuna balls from the Yamuna website. 


        The rate is $25/ single drop-in class and $80/ monthly 4 class pack. 

        Customize Your Program

        A combination of the options mentioned is highly recommended, because maximum benefit and progress takes place with multiple sessions weekly.  

        Privates allow for problem and goal focused routines with the most impact on your body and mind.  Plenty of hands on assistance and constant cueing facilitate learning new movement patterns and "a-ha moments".

        Semi-privates and group sessions allow for a solid general workout with mutual benefit for all participants.   It is an excellent way of reinforcing what has been learned in the private sessions.

        Of course, just getting started in Pilates and GYROTONIC® lessons will engage your mind/body connection and the experience will guide you in deciding what works best for you.  Please, discuss with your instructor what serves your needs best.