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Pilates on Robertson founder, June Chiang, featured in Bold Journey Magazine

June Chiang, Pilates on Robertson owner and founder was recently featured in Bold Journey Magazine. Bold Journey highlights the difficult conversations, hard choices, and life's dilemmas to spread knowledge to others. See highlight's from June's conversation:

"Where do you get your resilience from?"

"Developing resilience has been a process of understanding the relationship between the external world and where and how I fit into it. When life became the most challenging, it was an opportunity for transformation, learning and progress. At other times, business seemed calm and steady, but, beneath the surface I continued to search for ways to move forward with incremental improvements. Both scenarios of crisis and calm are very important for resilience."

"Can you tell us a bit about your parents and what you feel was the most impactful thing they did for you?"

"My Mom taught me so many things. She was a single parent and taught me to be self-reliant, ethical, considerate, generous, and hard working. She always spoke of looking for the silver lining in difficult situations and following your intuition. I have to give her credit for so many healthy attitudes she embodied and taught me. Probably, the most important thing she taught me was how important it is to be able to truly accept and appreciate oneself."

courtesy of Bold Journey Magazine


Bold Journey believes that in order to live boldly, we must expose ourselves to risk. The risk of loss, risk of criticism and judgement, risk of mental, emotional, or physical distress are all risks worth taking. To not take risks, is to not push ourselves to reach our highest potential.


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