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The Gift of Movement For The New Year

Thinking ahead is part of our nature as Pilates and GYROTONIC® teachers. We are ever focused on the next movement that will guide our students to a better awareness of how to walk, stand, and lift. And from there, we are developing Pilates and GYROTONIC® ideas on how to guide our students to a better performance in dance, basketball, tennis, playing with the children, etc.

These are quality of life issues. Many of our students are concerned with old chronic injuries that lead to inappropriate compensations, which lead to more pain. This pain often curtails activities. For example, back pain impedes someone from going to shows, attending parties or traveling long distances. Or, there are students who have been through severe illness and want to reclaim their life for a full recovery—who want to participate even more in life after a scary scrape with death by going on outdoor adventures, or to the Hollywood Bowl without worrying about having the balance and stamina to climb the hill and stairs.

Movement is a gift. It is the ability to participate in life and interact with humanity. Los Angeles can be such an isolating place due to geography, intense work schedules, and personal difficulties. Physical limitations exacerbate that isolation. Being in a dedicated Pilates and/or GYROTONIC® program can help conquer the physical barriers and introduce someone you care about to improved mobility and from there, an enhanced experience of the world.

So, thinking ahead for just a moment. How would you like 2019 to be? Is there someone you know who struggles with physical limitations that might benefit from becoming stronger and more mobile? Would semi-privates be a great shared activity with that special friend or partner? Is there someone who is constantly giving and serving others and overlooking his/her own needs? A gift certificate from Pilates On Robertson can get that special someone started on that journey towards an active and interactive 2019.

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