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Inspiration and Gratitude

When I first started teaching Pilates and Gyrotonic in 2000, there were days I thought I must be insane. I had 8 years of higher education, student loans, and 7 years of specialized optometric work with children with learning disabilities and adults with brain injuries. People asked, "Isn't that a waste of your education?" My answer today is: Education is about teaching a person analytical skills, communication skills, time management, goal setting, and the importance of the eternal pursuit of new knowledge. It doesn't teach you how to feed your soul, mind, and body. That is a different kind of journey which I had to fulfill. And, that is why I followed my instincts and transitioned into this amazing role, part physical, part psychological, part creative, part investigative, and part inspiration.

That is my most sincerest hope, to inspire those who yearn for a body that feels good, to move in ways they never thought possible, and to feel the ownership of the work required. To have that voice inside that says, "I did that! And it feels good!", is so powerful. Because, from that moment and from that inner voice, comes the next step and the next step, and so on and so on. Inspiration. The seed from which we discover in ourselves, what is possible.

I am filled with gratitude to all those who have inspired me and left me in awe. I have been so fortunate to know and learn from so many amazing teachers, doctors, clients, friends, and colleagues. To everyone who offered advice, support, and encouragement, I cannot express my gratitude enough. It has been a long road to reach this vision and I wouldn't trade the learning experiences one bit and I am sure there will be much more learning ahead. Eyes on the horizon and moving forward.

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